Atlanta Fashion Police 2017

IN PROGRESS: more mugshots to come

Dragon Con, Atlanta's annual sci-fi/pop-culture convention, has the most costumes, the best costumes, and the most diverse costumes of any convention I've ever seen. Atlanta Fashion Police exists to catalog that vast troupe of characters. My goal is one photograph of every costume, individually numbered to prove uniqueness. Costumes fill the five main hotels around the clock for five days, so the scale of the project is Sisyphean.

To maximize the number of mugshots, I stay in the most crowded areas. Actually, the Marriott Atrium is so crowded that it's difficult to take two steps away from someone to take a photo. To avoid stress, I avoid that area. Besides the lobbies, I go out to the Hilton Steps at times when multiple gatherings are scheduled close together. There's enough space outdoors for me to use my 50mm lens.


The thousands of costumes I catalog each year are only a small fraction of the costumes present at Dragon Con. The amount of work to actually shoot every costume is crushing, so my goal is to shoot as many as I can without compromising my health.




The sign

The Atlanta Fashion Police sign contains an e-ink display that generates a unique, increasing, non-continuous identifier for each mugshot.

The 24 letters of the alphabet are mapped to the 24 hours of the day by removing "I" and "O", which could be confused for the numbers "1" and "0".


Once again, some helpful fans carried a second light for me, which makes the pictures look much better. I'm so grateful that people take valuable time out of their convention to assist me.